Blue Slip Inspection

 A blue slip inspection is a safety inspection for unregistered vehicles. Now a lot of you may be thinking, how is this any different than a pink slip inspection? A pink slip signifies that your car is okay to be registered. A blue slip is a full inspection of a vehicle, checking all the components of a vehicle. Additionally, a blue slip inspection provides a written off vehicle check. Combined together, they are the only coloured slips that you need in order for you vehicle to be deemed roadworthy (green slips are forms you need to fill out after a blue or pink slip inspection).

When Is It Required?

  • If you want your car to be roadworthy and registered
  • Selling the car without rego
  • If the car is being re-registered from another state
  • Rego has been expired for more than 3 months

Similar to the pink slip, if your vehicle does not pass the blue slip inspection you are provided with 14 days to address the issue and return to where you want your car inspected again.


We’re Authorised

Foxman Auto Services are an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station (AUVIS), so if you’re in need of a blue slip inspection (or pink), come down to Foxman Auto Services in Randwick!

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