Brake Repair Service Sydney

The brakes in a car are one of the most essential components for your safety while you drive. If your brakes aren’t up to standard, you are putting yourself and your passengers under duress and at risk. You need a certified & qualified mechanic to assess this for you and that’s where Foxman Auto Services comes in.

To identify if your vehicle is in need of brake service is sometimes harder than you would imagine it to be. More often than not, you are comfortable enough in a car that you don’t see any of the warning signs or they aren’t worrying enough that you deem your brakes to need service.

Your car may need brake repair service if:

  • It loses grip while try to use the brakes
  • A screeching or squealing sound emits when you use the brakes
  • You notice your car isn’t very responsive when braking and it takes longer than usual to do so
  • Your car pulls to the right or left when using them
  • Steering wheel shudders while brake being used

Foxman Automotive’s (Sydney based) brake repair service consists of:

  • Inspecting the brakes themselves, such as the drum shoe wear levels and disk brakes
  • Replacing the front & rear brakes if need be. In more specific terms this means replacing the front & rear drum shoes/pads
  • Checking the brake system & brake fluid levels
  • Test the vehicle out on the roads to see how the brakes perform under stress and operation

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