Pink Slip Inspection

For your vehicle to be able to be driven every year it has to pass a test, known as the pink slip inspection. Once it passes this test it is then registered for the year. The pink slip inspection, also known as a registration check, signifies that a vehicle is roadworthy.

All that needs to be done is to come down to a certified mechanic such as Foxman Auto. Here at Foxman Auto we make your car go through a simple, quick & rigorous test to ensure that your car is safe to drive.

Once your car passes this pink slip test, along with the green slip from a car insurance provider, your car will be legally deemed roadworthy for another 12 months on the roads

Is it that simple?

Sometimes it’s not. Here at Foxman Auto it’s our duty and responsibility to make sure your cars are roadworthy. If your car does not pass the above test, you will be given a white slip. A white slip signals that your car is in need of repairs before it can pass the pink slip test.

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