Car Suspension

Sometimes people aren’t aware that they can bring their car in for a specific type of service or do not know what the problem is with their car. They are of the belief that they will have to pay the full service for a mechanic or service centre to figure out what the problem is with their car. This is simply not the case. Take the car’s suspension for example, if your car’s suspension is not operating at optimal levels, we can correctly identify that this is the issue with your car and will then only charge you for that.

Key to Performance

A car suspension’s main function is to keep the tyres of your car firmly on the road at all times. This allows steering, driving & braking to be as effective as it is and therefore has a huge impact on your car’s performance.

Every component of a car’s suspension plays a part in it being effective. Whether this be the shock absorbers, the springs, ball joints, suspension bushes or tie rod ends, they all need to be working for a suspension to work effectively.

If you have noticed the following:

  • Shock absorbers are leaking
  • Your car is noticeably performing poorly when turning around corners
  • The car appears to be dipping forward when braking
  • Tyres are under considerable more pressure and as a result have unusual tread wear

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