Tyre Service & Wheel Alignment

More than anything, the tyres on a car serve as the most important component of a car. Whether this be wheel alignment, wheel balancing, tyre replacement or tyre repair, Foxman Automotive are your one stop solution for all things tyres.

Before we delve into tyres, it’s important that you know your tyre size before you receive tyre service. The tyre size can be read right off the tyre. If you are unable to read or know how to identify your tyre size do not worry we can help you out by breaking it down as follows:

When looking at a tyre you should come across a combination of numbers as letters, take the below as a perfect example of this.


  • 200 is the width of the tyre in millimeters.
  • 50 is the aspect ratio or tyre profile.
  • R means it is radial construction.
  • 10 is the diameter of the wheel rim in inches.

Now that you are aware of your tyre size you can move onto the next part of identifying the type of tyre service you require.

Are Your Tyres:

  • Puncture
  • Damaged
  • Irregular wear
  • Not the right tyres
  • Aging tyres
  • Legal Limit Of Wear

Your tyres do not have to fit this criteria for them to be serviced with Foxman Auto. As touched on above, simple services such as wheel alignment and wheel balancing are also offered.

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