Common breakdown issues of Audi- what could be the reason and its possible solutions

Common breakdown issues of Audi- what could be the reason and its possible solutions

Audi is a well-defined, premium, widely recognized producer of luxury automobiles. Audi spans across nine countries and now ranks amongst the top three manufacturers of luxury vehicles, alongside BMW and Mercedes-Benz. It requires excellent skills and stabilizing technology in order to maintain Audi vehicles efficiently. Fortunately, at Foxman Automotive we already have the skilled technicians, mechanics, and equipment in order to take care of any service or Audi repairs in Sydney.

When it comes to repairs there are many things that this premium vehicle is known for  in the automotive repairing community. Audi is prone to excessive oil consumption, system cooling issues, problems with sunroof, irregularity in sounding brakes, and even steering issues at high speeds. Some of these are also an error on the manufacturer’s part, especially to the models like 2009-2011 Audi models.

Most, however, can also be mitigated or prevented altogether with constant care. We advise you to bring your Audi for maintenance and repair to Foxman Automotive in Sydney in order to keep your Audi in an optimal condition. You will experience many common repair problems that other Audi owners face and be able to get auto service and maintenance from the local, ASE-certified auto mechanics that one can trust upon.

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With this, the cost of Audi repair tends to float around in the middle range as compared to the average repair as estimated from other luxury automobiles. At Foxman Automotive in Sydney, Our skilled and experienced technicians and auto mechanics will work diligently on your Audi to ensure that in every service cycle it is maintained well. Be it a regular servicing or large scale repairs- all of them are completed to the highest standards. Any type of service that is performed on your Audi warranties a significant time period or consideration up to a certain miles. Our office staff will keep you updated with the progress report while your Audi is being repaired/ serviced. We also have several transportation options for you, which include shuttle services, loaner cars, and nighttime vehicle drop off. In case you want to wait with us, we are happy to have you, with comfortable seating, refreshments, and entertainment books. These cars are prized possessions and like most luxury cars, even they have common maintenance issues and some of these are unique to Audi but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this classic piece of beauty.

Below are the common issue with Audi and its solutions:


Failure of electrical components:

It is a common issue with Audi, some owners have reported that the most common problems are a failure of the digital dashboard display, erratic lights, and failed tail lights. A simple replacement of the components with OE equipment can help with the functioning. In some of the repairs, Audi provides a warranty which covers maximum replacement and repairs.

Failure of an ignition coil or spark plug:

In case of failure of the ignition coil or spark plug of an Audi, it is known as the most common reason for engine misfits. The solution is the installation of quality OE spark plugs and fine-tuning of the engine to the factory specs. Thankfully, ignition coils or spark plugs are not that expensive and are affordable.

Replacement of catalytic converters:

Catalytic converters usually fail primarily due to the clogging of build-up carbon which then solidifies and jams the exhaust flow. It is the replacement of the catalytic converter which isn’t usually a long term solution. It is to ensure that the mechanic gets down to find the real cause. Keeping the engine fine-tuned and then maintaining it regularly in order to prevent the catalytic converter failure.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR):

EGR is primarily a system that lowers the temperature in the combustion chamber and the problem that persists the EGR is definitely the carbon build-up of its wear & tear.

Leakage of oils:

In Audi, oil leaks are definitely from two places: Valve cover gasket and Camshaft tensioner. The solution is then a replacement of either or both the part on which it is leaking.

Replacing the oxygen sensor:

Replacement of an oxygen sensor isn’t a tough job and most of the time, the owner can do-it-yourself.

Loose fuel caps:

Loose fuel caps are one of the most underrated problems for low mileage. One should ensure to tighten the fuel caps after refueling or replace it in case of damage. These types of small things can also end up to the mileage of the car. Most of the issues discussed in this article can be solved by regularly maintaining the car through regular car service in Sydney.

When your Audi isn’t working right and you have to take your car in and out of the service station, that can cause massive inconvenience. Your Audi repair shop should make your experience worry-free and pick up the car as quickly as possible and should have all sorts of specialized tools with the latest technology in diagnostic equipment to handle all types of service and repair needs.

With preventive measures, one can keep these breakdowns and costly repairs at a bay. Scheduling the manufacturer service to maintain your Audi can ensure your car stays running smoothly and in top condition. It is considered as an important thing in protecting your car and optimizing its performance in maintaining the fuel and safety efficiency as well as helping to avoid its costly repair issue.

If you are looking for the best Audi repair shop to service your Audi, contact Foxman Automotive, they will help you in trusting the process of Audi repair, providing the finest service in Sydney. We are specialists in helping our customers in the areas of Sydney and are proud to have top customer service. For all your Audi needs, contact us today.

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