Speed Kills, But Malfunctioning Brakes Kill Too

Speed Kills, But Malfunctioning Brakes Kill Too

Things you need to know when driving confidently on the road.

“Speed Kills.”

You all have heard this, have read it on all the giant banners along the highways and roads. It’s been instilled in us from the first day we ever got into a car. Controlling the speed of your beloved car means ensuring that your brake system is in prime condition.

So yes, “Speed Kills”, but speed-related traffic accidents are not always due to those who drive too fast, but can also be attributed to those who can’t slow down fast enough due to worn down brake pads. Brake failure is incredibly common and is exactly why one should look out for brake repair shops when driving around Sydney, even if it is just for future reference.

As a passionate car lover, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of having your brakes tested or your brakes repaired in Sydney. One small problem in your braking system can cause chaos, and create incidents no one ever wants to have to think about. Not only are brake repairs necessary for safe driving, but they are also essential for a pink slip. Without a pink slip, your car isn’t roadworthy and isn’t allowed on Sydney roads.

A straightforward solution to avoid any unfortunate events due to brake failure is to maintain frequent car servicing. We at Foxman Auto Service provide you with the most comprehensive car maintenance service, including the supreme brake repair service with the inclusion of a pink slip, so you can get straight back on the road and know your brakes have your back.

Why frequent brake repair?

Ever heard the old adage “Prevention is better than Cure?”. Well, there’s your answer.

Regularly servicing your car is the best possible way to keep your vehicle in its most pristine condition. Taking your car for a servicing is like visiting a doctor for a routine checkup.

Humans are machines with a plethora of parts, organs, electronics, and other important stuff you need to take care of. And a car is a big machine carrying aroundan array of a different mechanic and automotive parts. They both need routine checkups, or that ache in your stomach might turn into something worse, or that screech you hear when you put the brakes on in the car could turn out to be something far more malignant. So, get those brakes repaired! The doctor might give you a prescription for some antibiotics. Foxman Automotive will give you a pink slip, and send you safely on your way.

Routine Services

A routine service will detect any brake problems from an incredibly early stage, even before you see or feel any warning signs (which in turn means you won’t have to continuously be forking out for brake repairs…). Our expert mechanics inspect your vehicle, diagnose it, identify the root of the problem, get it fixed and deliver you excellent results.

Every time you take your car for a service with Foxman Automotive, brake systems are checked without failure. Because safety is our priority.

Each time you overlook a necessary service (Which we all do every once in a while), you are putting yourself and passengers at risk. Many drivers usually just wait until their car starts flashing buttons at them, advising they need urgent brake repairs before they bother to take their car in for a service. But by then, it could be too late and you could be looking at spending more than you bargained for.

Mechanic experts know all the warning signs indicating the need for brake repairs or servicing. They have the technical knowledge, the real world knowledge and mechanical knowledge about each brake system, for each type of automotive. With these skills and experiences, you are sure to be provided with excellent service.

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Warning Signs and When to Stop Pretending You know how to fix the brakes!

Generally, for the safety of all passengers, if you are concerned about your brakes or haven’t had a service on your car recently then GO GET IT SERVICED! But we also know there are those of us that are slightly more stubborn, and may want to self-diagnose…

#1 Look, Listen

Generally, there are two ways to check the brake wear. One by looking and one by listening. Look for wear by checking the brake pads through space between the wheel spokes. The outside pads will be pressed against a metal rotor. Typically, a pad should be at least ¼ so if you have less than ¼ pad then you surely need to brake inspection or replacement.

The other way to check the performance of brake if by listening. Have you ever heard a high-pitch screeching sound when you applied a brake? If yes, then it is the most common sign indicating the repair. Any audible or bizarre sound you hear while you apply brakes should not be ignored. Sounds are no doubt normal, but not all sounds are normal or pleasant. It is a wise decision to get inspected.

#2 Poor Performance

One of the easiest ways to detect a brake problem is by noticing the return of brakes. If your brakes are not responsive as they should be, then there are definitely some issues. If your brake pedal feels non responsive while braking, then there must be an issue, the potential of a leak in the brake system, brake fluid leak, or air link (brake hose). If you notice such failure in performance, your car needs brake repairs.

#3 Pulling

If your car tends to pull to one side while braking, then it is a clear sign that your vehicle needs brake repairs. The brake pads might wear unevenly due to improper tire alignment or rotation. There are chances that some debris has built up in your brake or fluid system, and it should be flushed.

#4 Excess vibration

If your car vibrates excessively while braking, then your brake rotors may be warped. Brake rotors will cause your car to stop because rotors are what press your pads against your wheel. In a nutshell, this will result in vibration when braking.

All these warning signs of brake repairs should not be avoided for better driving experience and the pink slip.

What is a pink slip?

A pink slip is a report which verifies that your car is safe and is ready to run confidently on the road. It isn’t just to advise that your car is roadworthy, it is the law. So get that pink slip!

Your vehicles only pass a pink slip inspection if only all the necessary conditions are met. One of its aspects is the braking system, and for this reason, it is essential to consider brake repairs regularly. We at Foxman Auto Service provide you with a pink slip in NSW that helps you hit the road confidently.

When it comes to obtaining a pink slip in NSW, we are unbeatable. Because we know your safety is in our hands.

Why Foxman Auto Services?

If you are looking for the quality brake repairs in Sydney or looking for a pink slip in NSW, you can trust us. We are passionate mechanics who aim to help you drive your car smoothly, safely and get you from A to B. We talk a lot about brake repairs, because we recognize how crucial the braking system is and we do not compromise on our service of brake repairs in Sydney. You can always call, visit or get in touch with one of Foxman Auto Service’s mechanics for a pink slip in NSW or brake repairs in Sydney. We are your car doctor.


Frequent brake repairs service and maintenance will ensure ultimate safety for you. Brake repairs are much more important than you think. To drive confidently, your car must be powerful enough to control its speed and to ensure that brake repairs are essential. Most importantly, what if you own a vehicle that will occupy a space in your parking? Sounds strange, right? Pink slip will let you drive your beloved on the road without any trouble.

Drive safe, get your pink slip, go for regular brake repairs or replacements – drive confidently. And know that Foxman Automotive has your back on the road.

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