Everything You Need To Know About Towing Services in Randwick

In Randwick, towing services can be found easily in your time of need. But what are these services for? Even though we all know general facts about towing services in Randwick, it never hurts to know more. In Randwick, towing can be used for the transportation of a vehicle from one location to another, however, the reasons for the same can be due to the following reasons:

  • Had an accident in Randwick? Towing services can help you get your car up and out of the point of distress at ease.
  • Unauthorized reasons for towing in Randwick might include parking in a ‘no-parking’ zone, for blocking traffic, for expired registration, for holding unpaid parking tickets, and even in case of abandonment.
  • More extreme reasons for contacting Randwick’s towing services can be due to the driver’s arrest. The police can choose to keep the car with themselves until they’re done with their investigations.

Overall, the towing services in Randwick can turn out to be quite helpful since they can help in following all traffic rules and regulations strictly, and thus, help in maintaining peace and order on the streets. Without any towing services in Randwick, it would cause chaos on the roads and it would be difficult for people to reach places on time. Think of it yourself. If you’re driving yourself to work and find an accident on your way, you will surely call an ambulance first to make sure everyone’s alright. But when it comes down to it, you’re going to reach out to the towing services in Randwick and clear out the way so that everyone can get a move on. Similarly, if you find a car parked in a spot that’s blocking out the main entryway for a public library, who’s going to end up helping you? The towing services in available in Randwick. Even if you find a car that has been abandoned in the same parking spot for as long as you can remember, you’ll only find yourself calling up the nearest towing service in Randwick.

One doesn’t realise the numerous benefits of our towing services in Randwick until you sit down and think about it. What might be a simple part of your day, can turn out to be quite a beneficial service once you think about it. The benefits of the towing services in Randwick include:


  • With a fully functional towing services in Randwick, we assure you that our service acts in the required time, if not faster. Our response rate is quick and on time, so you don’t have to worry about running late or waiting for assistance.
  • Towing in Randwick assures that all the cars you come across hold the right documents and licenses. This helps in keeping illegal cars off the road at all times.
  • Moreover, towing services in Randwick can be quite helpful. For example, if you were to reach out to our towing services in Randwick, we can help you with roadside assistance as well. Whether it be for mechanical or technical failures for both cars and motorcycles, our towing service can help you get out of a tricky situation no matter where you are.

While looking for a towing services in Randwick, your need for the service determines the tow truck you’ll need. Randwick’s tow trucks include 4 main types of trucks, namely:

  • Flatbed tow trucks: The most commonly used tow truck, since it is relatively easy to use. Mainly recommended for vehicles that have been in an accident or are suffering from a roadside problem and need to be transported to a garage.
  • Integrated tow trucks: Used for heavy-duty purposes, specifically, for other rigs or buses and trucks.
  • Hook and chain tow trucks:These can be used to tow all forms of cargo. The only reason why these are not used excessively in modern times is due to the damage they can cause (in the form of scratches and dents).
  • Wheel lift tow trucks: Similar to hook and chain tow trucks, these tow trucks use a metal yoke instead of a hook and chain. This prevents excess damage from occurring while towing a car.

For assistance on towing in Randwick, we can help you with your mode of transport at all times. At Foxman Automotive, we work to cater to the customer’s satisfaction and can, in turn, help you with your car whether it be for an accident or even simple roadside assistance. You can contact us at (02)93146199 or email us at foxmanauto@bigpond.com for further details on the same.

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