Tyre Repair and Wheel Alignment

More than anything, the tyres on a car serve as the most important component of a car. Whether this be wheel alignment, wheel balancing, tyre replacement or tyre repair, Foxman Auto is one stop solution for all type of tyres services in Randwick.

Before we delve into tyres, it’s important that you know your tyre size before you receive tyre service. The tyre size can be read right off the tyre. If you are unable to read or know how to identify your tyre size do not worry we can help you out by breaking it down as follows:

When looking at a tyre you should come across a combination of numbers as letters, take the below as a perfect example of this.

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    New address from 1st September 2022:

    Unit 5, 54 Chegwyn Street


    NSW 2019

    Telephone 02 9314 6199

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