Will Towing Damage My Vehicle? And All The Questions Related To It- We Have Answered Them For You

Will Towing Damage My Vehicle? And All The Questions Related To It- We Have Answered Them For You

There are a lot of different questions that you might have with regards to towing services in Sydney. Many of our customers tend to ask us several questions before they get their cars towed. It is a fact that many people end up getting their cars towed due to accidents, however, many individuals end up with a towed car without choice – due to poor parking. Either way, we’re here to answer the common questions you might have about All Sydney’s towing services.

1. Will towing damage my vehicle?

Possibly one of the most common questions related to the services of car towing in Sydney relates to whether the process of towing can lead to potential vehicle damage.

It’s a justified concern and we completely understand when our customers ask us if we’re going to be able to transport their car safely. However, you can be safe with the knowledge that that towing does not damage vehicles at all – as long as they’re in the hands of a professional car tow in Sydney.

While getting your car towed, it’s recommended that you hire a car towing company that you can trust wholeheartedly, rather than hiring a simple, cheap car tow in Sydney. Luckily for you, we can give you the best of both worlds! With years of experience and relatively affordable prices, we can get your car towed at a reasonable price without any damage, easily.

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2. Why do I need to keep my insured car at the tow yard after an accident?

Even though you don’t necessarily need to keep your insured car at the tow yard after an accident, it’s highly recommended. To allow you to learn why that’s the case, we’ve listed the benefits of keeping your car at the tow yard for you down below:

  • The main benefit is that you won’t need to pay the additional fee of the tow bill. Since you will be reaching out to a mechanic you trust for your towing, you won’t need to go through the process of paying high rate instalments for the process.
  • Moreover, placing your car in the tow yard will allow you to get through the insurance process more quickly since your insurance company is likely to inspect your car quickly to avoid storage fees.
  • Lastly, you won’t have to be greeted by the sight of your broken car every day. The tow yard allows you to not need to needlessly worry about your car every moment of the day.

Should I put my car in neutral before it’s towed?

Yes! Putting your car in neutral is one of the most important things you can do before it is towed. While most reliable towing companies will tell you to do so beforehand, it’s recommended that you put your car in neutral just in case the respective people forget to tell you to do so.

If you don’t put your car in neutral before you get it towed, there may be severe damage seen in your tyres. Your car could skid and in extreme cases, tyres may even burst. This is why we always recommend putting your car in neutral before you get it towed.

Does every car have different towing processes?

There are many different types of towing processes for different types of cars. Each towing process has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. To help you understand these better, we’ve listed them down below:

  • Flatbed towing – Possibly the safest way to tow a vehicle. A flatbed truck carries the car from its present location to the tow yard on its empty bed. Due to the size of the truck, it can be used to transport boats and other vehicles as well.
  • Towing based on weight – Light, medium and heavy-duty towing vehicles are available for different cars.
  • Recovery winch truck – This tow truck is essentially used to recover cars that are stuck in different situations. This can be useful if your car has been in a difficult accident and got stuck in the mud, etc.
  • And many more!

Overall, it’s important to hire a towing company you can rely on

While we’re sure you still hold quite a few questions about the process of towing, we assure you that all your doubts will be cleared if you reach out to a reliable company that has years of experience with towing.

All of us at Foxman Automotive are well-versed in the different processes of towing, no matter which car it is for. With services for all car brands, we can help you get your car to the tow yard without any damage caused. If you still have any questions or queries that you would like to get cleared, you can reach out to us at foxmanauto@bigpond.com, now. Our friendly team will be more than happy to advise you further.

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